Love Letter #2 Farewell Captain

Dear Derek,

It’s hard to believe that twenty years has gone by so quickly.  I remember the first time that I ever saw you.  I didn’t think much of it, but my friends had told me about you.

I watched you over time, waiting for you to mess, up, to show your true colors and to disappoint me as so many had before you.  You did show your true colors.  You were kind, generous, consistent , respectful, and hard-working.

And that smile….

I fan myself just thinking about how those lips curl up into that contagious expression of happiness.  How wonderful it was to watch you ever-present in the moment.

You thrilled me each day I saw you.  You became more than just a player.  You became iconic.

As you leave me…us….I hope you know that you taught so many how to be amazing role models and to be fiercely aggressive in going after our dreams.  I love you and I will miss you.derek_jeter_record_gehrig.

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